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Service Company for Forrest Management

We provide all fields of forest works, from forest cultivations to thinnings, cuttings, risk-loggings (along roads, houses or powerlines) and field preparations; and also wood- and timbertrading.

Country of Thousand Hills

Forstkontor Sommer GmbH is based on the forest engineer Michael Sommer and is located in the southern part of Nordrhein-Westfalia, the „Sauerland“ (the so called „country of thousands hills“), next to the A 45 and the town of Olpe.

It is situated in a region which is well equipped with lovely forests and valuable timber-stands.

Trading Partner for Hunting Gear

According to our main fields of business and the assigned contracts with some landowners, hunting, stalking and managing hunting grounds is a major subject.

As a result of this, Forstkontor Sommer also became a trading partner for all kinds of hunting gear, clothes and equipment. We can offer you field tested and therefor approved equipment with a great value on an retailer based price level.


Kompetenz für Wald-, Holz-,
Forstwirtschaft und Jagd!

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